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As soon as she made a stance, the beast saw her and thought as if she was provoking it and got angry while roaring loudly.


After which, she swung her spear multiple times one after another with full force while using her other powerful skill 'Wave Barrage' to hit the python and to try and stun it for a few seconds. The attack released a series of waves which hit the python hard. The python dodged a few waves of the attack but still got attacked by a lot of them which resulted in it getting slammed to the ground.

After all, the attack was still very powerful, even for a stage 4 king level beast like him. It wouldn't have been much of a problem if it was just 4 to 5 attacks that hit, but the attack count of waves was over 20 which even the python couldn't handle and got slammed into the ground while blood flowed out of some corners of it's body which was filled with cut marks.

As she saw that the python was slammed into the ground, she immediately used her trump card, an attack which was super effective against the python. It was a soul attack which was down in her clan from generation. The 'Forbidden Soul Art: 7th Movement — Chaos Devourer' which was a Mythical Rank Sky Grade soul art to attack the python.

The Chaos Devourer art was an art that devours everything related to the target while including it's soul in exchange for all of the user's Origin Energy. The moment after she launched her soul attack, the python sensed extreme danger as it struggled to get up while trying at least dodge the attack.

But despite it's struggle, the attack reached it with a breath's time and landed on it and completely destroyed it's soul and everything related to it. The moment it died, She heard the cold feminine voice speaking…..

"Congratulations Challenger, for completing the first Trial. As you are the first one to pass this trial after thousands of years, you will receive the Aqua essence as reward. The Aqua essence increases is a type of treasure that increase the speed of your comprehension ability and infinity towards the water element to the max."(Spirit of the Sovereign)

As she heard this, she suddenly noticed that the dead python had started to shine brightly and after a few moments, it transformed into a sky blue coloured ball of about 1 cm, which then suddenly shot towards her. The Ball reached her in a moment's time and disappeared into her body while she felt that all the strength that seemed to have left her body earlier returned all the way to her peak form which really shocked her.

"Now, it is time for your second test, the test of Comprehension. In this test, you will have to comprehend a portion of the Aqua Jade Domain. Your time limit will be 1 day, if you succeed then u will be able to move on to the final test and if not, then you can just go home as you are the first one to ever reach so far in the trial. And it starts now."(Spirit of the Sovereign)

The moment she heard this, she was momentarily stunned but suddenly remembered the test or rather she had to remember as a small bit of information flowed into her mind which gave her a little headache due to the information transfer.

After which she sat down in a lotus position and started to comprehend the little bit of information she had gotten while losing track of time. And so, the time flowed away like water, but she was nowhere near done as the cold feminine voice sounded.

"Challenger, awaken. For you have failed the test, but don't be disappointed because it was a huge feat for you to come this far after such a long time."(Spirit of the Sovereign)

After hearing this, she suddenly awakened from her state of comprehension and couldn't help but be disappointed as she thought ``I have gained more than enough here, so there is no harm in returning now and coming back in the future if I have the chance.´´ positively while sighing in sadness.

After that, she dejectedly left the trial ground while the

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