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marybethgriggs > Supreme Expert System > 4 Details Part 2 and First Bloody Experience
``Wow this is quite Op if you ask me. But I still do not the features of my thunder set.´´

'System, tell me the features of my Equipment set.'


{As you wish, Host}


(Strength of abilities increase after every Evolution)

=Dagger (1) - Double the power Offense when in use.

=Coif (1) - Can alter the voice wanted without being detected.

=Soft Shoulders (1) - Guards the shoulders while providing more speed to your arms.

=Leather Armor (1) - Doubles the power of Defense when in use.

=Linen Legwraps (1) - Works together with Soft Brogans to increase movement speed.

=Soft Brogans (1) - Works together with Linen Legwraps to increase power of kicks.

Set Boost = Double power in all fields


``Hmm, This Set is really OP, even though it just rank 1 right now.´´

As he was in thoughts about his equipment set, he heard a loud voice.


It was actually a loud roar of a seemingly terrifying beast which he heard with his super hearing ability. After hearing it, he immediately understood that this roar was from a powerful beast of atleast Grandmaster Level. He first thought of running away thinking that, as he was only a mere level 1 Martial Practitioner, facing a Grand Master level beast was only looking for death. As he was about to make a run for it, he heard the system.


{The Host doesn't need to be afraid of the Grand Master level beast as he has many strong skills as well as super speed and destructive abilities of the Thunder element. Whereas the beast although strong but is not as fast as him. Which allows the Host to be able to battle it}


{And Host is reminded that he must get stronger because this place although only the outer region but it is still the most dangerous place in the Martial Origin World where there are still many beasts that range from Martial Master to Martial Grand Master level beasts that are roaming around the Host and this is also a good place to train and get stronger as in this world, only those who posses strength can live as they wish. So the Host is advised to start getting stronger by starting to fight the beast coming the Host's way}

He was stunned by what the system had said but soon realized that what it said, made sense and he just had to be fast enough to be able to avoid its attacks while using every thing he has now got to take it down in the fastest time possible while remembering that he is just a mere Level 1 Martial Practitioner. So he asked,

"If what you said is correct, then I will believe you this one time. But tell me where are my equipment though?"


{Host can summon it as the whole set is spiritually linked with his soul spiritually and can be summoned with his thoughts}

He did as the System told him and the whole set appeared on his body as well as the dagger with it's sheath in his right hand

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