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Realms and Cultivation :-

Mortal(Start) -

Martial Practitioner 1-9

Martial Warrior 1-9

Martial Master 1-9

Martial Grand Master 1-9

Martial Ruler 1-9

Martial King 1-9

Martial Emperor 1-9

God Realm(Divides into 2 Types of Cultivators) :-

(NOTE for 1st type - All who wish to ascend must choose there own Type of Path in Order to ENTER THE Ranks of Titled Saints and Above Titled Ranks, which is only available for true Elites and all Title rank Cultivators have a special unique Power of there own limited to themselves only, and that is why they have Titles for example - Titled Saints, ETC. Only Need to Face a 9 Type Tribulation once which determines there abilities that if they are qualified to become a Titled Cultivator or not.)

(Double NOTE for 2nd type - they are the normal average cultivators who although can ascend but every major Realm must face a Tribulation have half the power of a Titled Cultivators.)

Titled Saint 1-9 or Martial Saint 1-9

Titled Immortal 1-9 or Martial Immortal 1-9

Titled God 1-9 or Martial God 1-9

Titled God King 1-9 or Martial God King 1-9

Titled God Emperor 1-9 or Martial God Ancestor -1-

(Note - Limit of Average Cultivators and equal to only stage 1 Titled God Emperors)

Titled Supreme -1- (No stages only peak of Cultivation)

Cultivation, Martial and Item rank :-

Further Divided into Earth, Heaven and Sky Ranks.

(To make it easy, only Ranks will be used with numbers as 1,2.)

Rank 1 as Common

Rank 2 as Uncommon

Rank 3 as Rare

Rank 4 as Epic

Rank 5 as Legend

Rank 6 as Mythical

Rank 7 as Mortal

Rank 8 as Immortal

Rank 9 as Earth

Rank 10 as Heaven

Rank 11 as God

Rank 12 as Supreme

Character(MC after reincarnation.)

Name = Tian Chen

Age = 18

Gender = Male

Height = 181 cm

Eye and Hair color = Silver

Skin = White

Personality = Calm and Kind to Friends, and Cold and Domineering to the enemies.

Reason of Death = Cancer

Start of cancer = At age of 10

Background = 2nd Young Master of the Tian Clan .

Relatives = Father, Mother and Big Brother, All care all about Tian Chen.

Location = At a big Hospital in Shanghai.

Reason of Reincarnation = Due to cancer and by being struck by Lightning during the final operation.

Beginning in the New world = Reincarnated into the body of an orphan with the Help of Lightning in the Deadliest place known as Hell Forest in the Martial Origin world on the Blaze Continent.

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