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Those that passed this test would be able to enter the realm of Titled Saints who were also known as True Saints with their own special powers. Normal saints were able to move the heavens in the mortal world as they pleased in the domain they specialized in while Titled were those who were able to to do all the same and much more than that as they had the 3 times the power of a normal saint even at the same level.

True Saints had three times the power of normal saints at the saim level because of them having combined all three cultivation paths into one which was unique to them. Another thing which saints did while reaching the limits of mortality was comprehending a Law, which showed their true self like someone who loved the sword would comprehend the Laws of the sword which allowed them to, for example, cut oceans and clouds with a single slash. There were countless Laws and each Law had its own specialty.

This was something he could understand to a certain extent because he was a Titled Saint. But still, this knowledge provided him a lot of help as he could now finally start thinking of his future. He then remembered that he had a cultivation technique which he had never tried. So with a single thought, he started to operate according to his cultivation technique in order to first understand what it actually was.

He then slowly entered a deep comprehension state as he focused on his mind on his cultivation technique which was known as the 'Thunder Celestial Domination' technique. This technique originated from an ancient clan whose history is unknown. But what was known was that through this cultivation technique one could become the embodiment of thunder.

Someone who could move 'Thunder' and 'Lightning' according to his/her own will. The brutal destruction type power of 'Thunder' and the speed type power of 'Lightning' where the 2 special traits one would possess if cultivating in the technique. It would multiply several times if coupled with the right equipment, wings(if possible) and Bloodline.

This technique allowed one to command the 'Thunder' and 'Lightning' altogether while also coming to no harm if attacked by them. There seemed to be 3 parts of the technique whereas only the first was available. This part showed how to cultivate to the peak of the Saint realm and this technique was best suited for True Saints. It was related to the Law of Thunder and Lightning which were its main characteristics and showed it's special traits best.

After having understood till here, he started to revise his whole cultivation as he tried to comprehend and understand himself while interacting with the Law. This continued for about 3 days before he opened his eyes as awoke from cultivation. But the moment he woke up, he heard the system notifications which made him amazed.


{Congratulations Host for clearing another Hurdle to achieve full power mastery}


{Overall Power Mastery 65% =>85%}



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