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She used all her strength and blocked the spear but in return, she moved was forced to take 10 steps back. With that last attack, she realized once again that her opponent was not to be taken lightly as she stabilized herself with her spear. After which she readied her spear to attack once again as she said….

"Just what is that spear? So mysterious yet powerful."(Lin Mei)

Hearing her question, Tian Chen just chuckled as he said...

"Heh, this spear is made of my energy which is possible only due to a skill of mine. If you want to know more, then you will have to first gain my trust completely. I do not trust you 100% yet as I only sympathize with you and pity you for what happened to you. If you want to gain my trust, then prove to me that you are worthy of my trust and strength."(Tian Chen)

After saying that, he took a step forward while closing in all the distance between them as he swung his energy spear towards her in a horizontally. As soon as she saw his spear coming toward her, she too swung her spear horizontally as a counter while using half of her origin energy.

And the next moment, their spears clashed once again. CLANG!! But this time, it was not as hard to stop his attack as he was finally able to lower his power output to the right level while trying to master his control over his power.

A few minutes later -

Lin Mei was breathing heavily while blocking the last attack of Tian Chen with her spear. She was currently at her limit as she had run of stamina by pushing herself to the limit as her moves had started to slow down with her power decreasing by every passing second.

It was all thanks to the spar they had which although small but really intense. After the spar ended, Tian Chen heard a few 'System' notifications. He was actually happy, as he had gained quite a few things from the spar as well.

He then asked the system about his gains while on the other hand Lin Mei weakly sat down on the ground, completely out of breath as she sat down in a meditative position to start recovering her strength and digest all of her gains from this little spar.


{Spear mastery increased 25% =>35%}


{Overall power mastery increased 60% =>65%}


{The Thunder pet egg is about to hatch, so please check it out as soon as possible}

Seeing this, he got a little excited and started having expectations while wondering about the kind of creature it will be.

``Hmm, what will it actually be.... a Wolf? or a Lion? Or maybe a Bird or a Dragon?! Wait, what if it is similar to something like a pokemon?! If that were to actually be true then, just how awesome would it be like? Now I am really getting eager to know about it. Oh wait, I almost went off-track with my thoughts which probably because I was a great fan of pokemon during my childhood. Well, whatever I will get my thoughts straight after this is over.´´

After settling with his current thought, his gaze shifted

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