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Being able to sense the energy of heaven and earth decided if one could cultivate or not. This was the normal way, while there were other factors like luck, fate, destiny, bloodline, as well as encounters. There was another way, like accepting an inheritance or through pills, many ways existed but the chance of success was too low.

Those of the Martial Practioner realm have bodies way stronger than average. Like a level 1 will have the strength of 10 average people and a level 2 have the strength of 20 and so on, until level 9 whose strength is comparable to 90 average people. They would normally become guards or soldiers.

The second realm was the Martial warrior realm, where one started to gather the pure energy of heaven and earth after having unlocked their dantian, and element/s. When one Breaks through to the Martial Warrior realm, one is able to start gathering the pure energy in one's dantian as they finally start to interact with their fated element/s.

Those of the Martial Warrior Realm are able to use the energy of Heaven and earth along with an element or a group of elements like fire, water, wind, earth, etc. to attack in multiple ways like imbuing them in a weapon, fist, palm, leg, etc. A level 1 Martial Warrior had 10 times the strength of a level 9 Martial Practioner while a level 2 Martial warrior has double the strength of a level 1.

They are capable of doing 2 things. The first thing is the amount of energy one is able to gather is what determines one's level. Such as a level 2 would be able to gather is double the size of a level 1 and level 3 would have 3 times the energy of a level 1. A level 9 would have 9 times the energy of a level 1. And the second would be the purity of the energy contained. Every breakthrough would mean compressing the energy while also making the amount of energy one could contain bigger.

The third realm was the Martial Master realm, where one would start to open and connect the 9 meridians which correspond to the 9 levels of the Martial Master realm. Which are located in the right hand, the right shoulder, the right foot, the right leg joint, the left foot, the left leg joint, the left hand, the left shoulder joint and the leg.

As he/she formed a perfect cycle of energy flowing throughout his/her body while continuously expanding and nourishing the meridians with the dantian as its center. A Martial Master was capable of using his/her energy to affect the surroundings by combining the energy and the elements by putting in some effort to attack.

The fourth realm was the Martial GrandMaster realm, which was divided into 3 parts. The first part consisted of the first 3 levels of the realm where one would start to nourish their whole bodily flesh with the help of their energy and element/s to make it 3 times stronger. The second part consisted of the levels 4-6 where one would change their whole body's bones to become 3 times stronger.

The third part consisted of the last 3 levels of the realm where one would try to fuse their element/s and the energy one contained into one single type of energy which possessed the special traits of their element/s. Those of this realm were faster and stronger than the Martial Masters by 20 times. They were capable of using their energy to do multiple tasks with just a single thought. Especially those of the last 3 levels who were able to use energy which possessed the characteristics of their element/s.

The fifth realm was the Martial Ruler realm, where one started to comprehend a special domain unique to them. In there, one would become the true ruler and be able to control almost everything as they wished. Unless someone stronger than them interrupted the domain with his/her presence. The domain would evolve for about 9 times as it grew in power and radius corresponding to the 9 levels of the realm.

The sixth realm was the Martial King realm, where one used their domain as a medium to comprehend their own ava

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