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Suddenly a loud roar of thunder was heard which made everyone stopped fighting and look at the sky instinctively. Their minds almost went blank as their instincts told them that they shouldn't be hit by the thunder in the clouds or else. Even the beasts nearby with sharp instincts, after sensing the aura decided to move away due to fear.

As everyone was looking at the black clouds, they saw a figure descending from within the clouds. The figure had a pair of violet wings which were at least a meter long and it had light brown to purple colored armor on him with a long blade in it's sheath in his left hand. It's wings had flashes of lighting everywhere and there was a purple to light blue colored aura surrounding it.

Yes he was Tian Chen. He was giving of majestic aura of a Supreme Expert. Everyone who saw him could only think of him a true god who had just descended the mortal world. After summoning the Thunder Field, he with a flap of his wings descended down to make himself visible to the others and also released his aura with his innate skill 'Pressure' to make others afraid of him while controlling it all perfectly with his Thunder Eyes which turned silver upon activation.

Making them think of him as a supreme expert or even a god which would make even more scared while helping him finish this mess faster. He had already thought of building a supreme expert type image when making his first impression. Which will make him feared by others while letting him have less troublesome matters to deal with later on. After a moment his cold voice sounded,

"Stop right there! By invading this forest with ill intentions, you have desturbed my peaceful time. I will warn you all once and only once while kindly asking you all to leave. BUT if you were to not heed the warning and continue with the ruckus then, mark my words. FOR YOU SHALL FACE MY WRATH."(Tian Chen)

His words were filled with coldness and disdain making it sound as if he was a God of Lightning looking at mere mortals which made their backs drip with cold sweat. Although they were strong and arrogant because of having a great background and strong support, but in the eyes of Tian Chen they were mere ants.

He was able to crush them or kill them whenever he wanted to. All the people there were afraid of him but, the leader of assassins Bai Zhi mustered up some of his courage and tried to use the name of Bai Clan to protect himself if the 'God' before him made a move. He cupped his hands together and said…..

"I am Bai Zhi, an elder of the Bai clan and on behalf of the Bai Clan, I apologize for making this Senior angry. I hope that you do not take it to heart. We were sent here by the Bai Clan to take this girl back to the clan upon the Bai and Lin clan's patriarchs joint order. So I can only hope that you will give both the Bai and Lin Clan some face and let us take her with us. We promise that we will leave immediately!" (Bai Zhi)

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