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"Wait, are you serious?! Why is my starting point the most dangerous place!!"


{This is how it is Host and nothing can be done about it. But Host need not worry as he has aquired the Thunder Celestial set for cultivation and can grow stronger by cultivating it. But Host first needs to learn them}

"Ugh Ok then, System I would like to learn the cultivation technique and also the martial techniques."


{Would Host like to learn the following :

=Thunder Celestial Domination technique (Rank 12)

=Thunder Martial Techniques skill set (Rank unknown)}



{New Techniques learned, can be viewed in Status}

After hearing the system, he fell into thoughts for a few moments before speaking.




Name = Tian Chen

Age = 18

Gender = Male

Secondary Occupation/s : None

Bloodline = Thunder Celestial Bloodline

Cultivation - Martial Practioner Lvl1

Cultivation Technique = Thunder Celestial Domination Technique

Thunder Martial Techniques skill set

(Level Dependent on Host cultivation)

1 Flash Thust

2 Magnetic Blade

3 Thunder rage

4 Judgement

5 *Locked* Titled Immortal

6 *Locked* Titled God

7 *Locked*Titled God King

8 *Locked* Titled Supreme

Sp =10.000 (Supreme points)

Innate Elemental Affinity = Thunder (Max) : From Bloodline

Innate Elemental Resistance = Thunder (Max) : From Bloodline

Normal/Extra Martial Techniques:


Sky wings - Asura (Rank 1/12) : Double power with the Bloodline (Evolution type)

(Can be summoned at will) : Spiritually bound

Bloodline Skills - (Can be Summoned or activated at will)

(Power Level is dependent on Host cultivation)

= Pressure

=Thunder Field

=Thunder Shield

=Lightening Speed

=Thunder Strike

=Thunder Eyes (Eye Color changes to silver when activated)

=Super Senses

Equipment - Sentry Set (Rank)_(Evolution Type) : Spiritually bound

(Can be summoned at will)

=Dagger (1)

=Coif (1)

=Soft Shoulders (1)

=Leather Armor (1)

=Linen Legwraps (1)

=Soft Brogans (1)

(Evolution limit Rank 12)


[NOTE- equipment only rank one so names might be bad but from rank 2 it's different and all skills will evolve according to MC's Level.]

``Hmm, that is an interesting Status.´´ he though and then this time, without speaking with his mouth, he spoke in his mind.

'System show me detailed information on everything I got from the starter gift package. Also Evolution type and spiritually bound.'


{Right away Host}


Thunder Celestial Bloodline : Bloodline of the last Thunder Supreme from an ancient clan known as the ancient Thunder Clan from ancient times which has long gone extinct. Gives the bearer affinity and resistance to the element of Thunder (Rank 12

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