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@@After all the thinking, I've decided to re-write the story

A little info-

1.) I've decided to remove the system and make it a little different so that it doesn't look a bit too cliche.

2.) I've decided to make it so, that it will be a bit acceptable.(I'll try)

3.)I am going to try and make it that Mc will follow a different style and train.

4.) Mc will be OP but in a different sense.(That's what I wanted to achieve in the story all the time)

P.s- by the different sense I mean knowledge and not about being able to do all the stuff himself.

IMPORTANT- I will try to all of it however I can. But know this, that I'm alone in all this and have school to attend so I can't promise anything. I will update whenever I can. It can be 1 chapter or more all at once.

Lastly: Thank you for all the support, I will try my best to deliver good chapters to you all.

New BOOK: https:///book/16037079705720305/Re%3A-Supreme-Expert


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