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He asked the system about it.


{This is a special pet egg of a strong creature of unknown origin, Host is advised to put the egg on top of the Eternal Void mountain, under the Tree of Life in order for it to hatch}

When he was about to do as the System told him as he knew nothing about it while also wanting to see the Eternal Void Mountain, he suddenly remembered that he didn't know how to get there so he asked the System once again.


{The Host only needs to think about entering it in order to enter}

He just did as the system told him and disappeared from his spot and entered the void standing right on top of the Mountain.

From his perspective, it looked more like a big island than a mountain though as there were 5 mountain peaks on it. The biggest one in the center reached a height which looked like it actually touched the heavens, while the other 4 peaks were only about half as tall but still high.

Seeing this, he became dazed for a bit before remembering his original motive of coming here, he then decided to ascend the peak in the middle to help the Thunder egg Hatch by being nourished from the extremely pure Divine Energy and Life Energy.

After ascending the peak, he saw a big tree which was Emitting pure life energy. Without much thought, he took the egg out and put it under the Tree of Life for nourishment so as to speed up the hatching progress. Afterwards he asked the System to know how much time it would take for it hatch.


{With the amount of Divine Energy and Life Energy present, the egg will in a month 's time}

"WHAT!? why so long?"


{Because the egg is of elemental Supreme grade so it will need time to hatch}

``Hmm, well that makes sense and besides, its not like I have an urgency to know what is inside so it is fine and isn't it just one month? It will be over in no time since am gonna roam this world after all and got to start recruiting people and talents for my Sect.´´ with the work here done, he decided to go back for now and get ready to start traveling. So without further thoughts, he disappeared from there and reappeared at his old position in the forest.

``Hmm, now that that's is done, I think I should check my new status.´´

He then said 'Status' in his mind with only the updated status.


Name = Tian Chen

Age = 18

Secondary Occupation/s : None

Bloodline = Thunder Celestial Bloodline

Cultivation = Thunder Saint Lvl 1

Sp =15,159,000,000

Sect Points = 10.000

Normal/Extra Martial Techniques:

Close Comat Arts Lvl 1 (Rank 12)

Formless Weapon Arts :

Unlocked forms - Blade (100%), Sword (25%), Spear (25%)

Sky wings - Asura (Rank 8/12) : Double power with the Bloodline (Evolution type)

(Can be summoned at will) : Spiritually bound

Equipment : (Rank)

(Evolution type)_(Limit Rank 12)

1 - Nightlord Chronoblade (8) = Offensive boost 8x

2 - Nightlord's Crown (8) = Voice detection by others decreases by 8x

3 - Nightlord Shoulders (8) = Offensive speed boost 8x

4 - Nightlord Armor (8) = Defensive boost 8x

5 - Nightlord Windwalk (8) = Movement speed boost 8x

6 - Nightlord Boots (8) = Movement speed boost 8x and ability to step on air


``Even though my cheat got nerfed but It will only me down a little but I will still get stronger.´´

'System, what is that percentage after my unlocked weapon form?'


{The percentage determines the Host's mastery Lvl of that particular weapon}

``I see, so that is how it is huh´´

'Oh yea system, how to level my close combat arts up?'


{In order increase it's level, the Host can either use his Sp or can make practice it}

After knowing that, he went into deep thought when he heard the system again.


{Quests have been automatically activated}


{The quest divied into main and sub categori

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