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iver nearby. I gotta clean myself as it really stinks now."


{There is a river about 100 m to the right side of the direction Host is facing}

Once he heard that, he started walking to the river to fresh up. After walking for a few minutes time, a clear river came into view so without thinking much, he removed his cloths and washed himself first.

When he finished cleaning himself and got out of the river, he soon remembered that his clothes were like those of the beggars, torn and full of holes. So he asked system about it.


{Host has gotten the thunder sentry set from the starter gift package, so the host can just put the sentry set on by summoning it with his will}

He then did as the system told him. After which, the set appeared on him and he thought`` Wow this is really cool.´´

Even though it was a bit hard for him to believe, he thought things through calmly since as that was his personality which he had developed after being in the hospital for 10 years in past life. He then remembered that he had gotten a few gifts from the starter gift package of the system. But before checking the gifts, he first thought of something and decided to check his appearance in the river.

In the river was an image of a silver haired youth with white skin wearing the equipment set. He was shocked by how handsome the youth was but soon realized that it was his own image. He thought ``Though I dont know this origin of the body's original owner but I do hope that his soul may rest in peace and I will take his place to live in his stead. Since I was always sick, I will live this life to the fullest and if this world is like those novels then I will need strength to protect those i wish to protect. Now that I have made my decision then let us see what we got from the system.' With determination in his eyes after organizing his thought process, he decided to first look at his status.

He was about to do what he knew through the novels and say Status in his mind when he suddenly realized that he should atleat know where he was if not more as he didn't even know about his current location so he said ``System´´


{Yes Host?}

"First tell me about my current location."


{Analysing information}


{The Host is currently at the outer region of the most dangerous place known as Hell forest on the northern part of the Blaze continent in the Martial Origin World. In this place, many beasts roam ranging from Martial Master to the Peak of Martial Emperor Lvl. So the Host is suggested to quickly increase his strength or else he might die soon}

"Wait, are you serious?! Why is my starting point the most dangerous place!!"

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