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After hearing the system, he fell into thoughts for a few moments before speaking.

"Ok System, If what you said is correct and will help the current situation and in the future, then open the starter gift package."


{Opening starter gift package ....5%...….50%...….80%...…100%}


{Congratulation Host for acquiring The Thunder Celestial Set which contains the following :

=Cultivation Technique - Thunder Celestial Domination Technique (Rank 12)

=Thunder Martial Techniques skill set (Rank unknown)

=Thunder Celestial Bloodline (Rank 12)

=Bloodline Skills (Rank unknown)

=Thunder Sentry Set (Rank1/12)

=Thunder Sky wings - Asura (Rank 1/12) (Power doubled with the help of a Thunder type Bloodline)

=Thunder Rebirth pill x1 (Rank 12)

=Thuner Pet Egg (Rank unknown)

=10.000 SP(supreme points)}

Although he had a few questions in his mind, he decided to ask them later as his first priority was to do something about his current body state. So he spoke…

"Now that I have opened the package, System tell me what should I do next?"


{The Host is suggested to take the Rebirth pill. He can find it and everything he got from the starter gift package in his Inventory}

``I see, an inventory huh. Well I expected nothing less from a System. Now lets get this over with now shall we.´´ thinking this, he who knew this kind of stuff from the novels in his past life, said ``Inventory´´ in mind and a screen with boxes appeared in front of his eyes with a few of them having different images and the rest being blank.

As he knew how it worked, he just took out the pill and remembered that this was a medical pill like the one in those martial arts novels and put it in him mouth. As the pill entered his mouth, it turned into a stream of white light and disappeared into his body, starting to repair his body as well as changing it to a special body suitable for the Thunder Celestial set.

When it started its work, Tian Chen once again felt pain all over his body as if he was slowly being torn into thousands of pieces as he screamed in pain and lost consciousness.

15 Hours Later-

He finally woke up after once again feeling the hellish pain and started stretching a bit. But to his surprise, he no longer felt any pain. He was in a daze after thinking back about what happened yesterday and amazed to think that he had a system now just like those novels he read. After a moment, he realized that there was a strange smell coming was from his body and asked the system about it.


{It was caused by the Thunder Rebirth pill, due to it being a rank 12 pill which repaired the body and it suitable to cultivate the Thunder type power easily as well turned all the impurities into bodily filth and is suggested to wash it off}After hearing the system, he fell into thoughts for a few moments before speaking

"Hmm, that is interesting. But oh well whatever, first tell me if there is a ri

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