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{Host seems to be forgetting that the System is called the Supreme Expert System}


{The system has been made to nurture the strongest or so to say, a supreme expert}


{The rest of the data has been sealed due to host cultivation base being too low}

'Hmm, I see. System, How should I continue cultivating? I only got this level of power due to killing. And now I need to cultivate normally. But I have no knowledge about it, so what should I do?'

This was a question he had been wanting to ask for a long time but didn't get a chance to ask. Besides, he only went with the flow until now as he had no knowledge of anything else he could do. Using the knowledge he gained through novels about cultivation.

But in the end, they were all ultimately about their respective worlds and had totally different realms and had different ways of cultivating. So now that he had time, he finally asked about it. As he had started to have doubted as of late, ever since he became a Titled Saint.


{Host is advised to open the complete information package, as it contains the basic knowledge}

'Oh right, I had that thing too. System, use that package.'


{Opening the Complete Information package}


{Congratulations for obtaining the Basic knowledge about the world}


{Transfering Basic knowledge about the world}


{Host might feel a Headache due to the transfer}

'Huh? What do you mean?...' he said in his mind before he got a headache for real as knowledge completely foreign to him started flowing into his mind as if a dam had just opened. Although he was having a headache, one must know that the mental strength of a Martial Saint was not to be underestimated even if he/she suddenly gets a massive amount of knowledge.

It lasted only for a few moments before his mind calmed down. Of course, this was only possible due to him being Titled Saint whose mental strength surpassed that of a Martial Saint. ``Argh, what a sudden headache it was, I think that the next time I wanna have more knowledge, I will definitely get by reading books which way better than this torture.´´ he thought, as he sat in a meditative position and started to calm his mind down while organizing all the new information.

He was finally able to start understanding what cultivation was in this world. It represented status, Law, Order, and Chaos. Status represented one's strength and Profession. It was common knowledge that the higher one's cultivation was, the higher the status one possessed. But those that had a profession like an Alchemist, Blacksmith, Formation master, etc.

Naturally, they were also cultivators, but they focussed on cultivating as well as deepening their knowledge about different subjects, as an alchemist focuses on making pills and a Blacksmith focuses on making armor and weapons.

These products were ranked as well. which was something he already knew. But gaining status

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