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"You already know what happened after that.*sigh* I wonder how my father, mother, little brother and my second uncle are doing now that I am not there."(Lin Mei)

"Don't worry, they will be fine but.....do you wanna get stronger?"(Tian Chen)

"T-this, yes of course I do! but I don't know where to start."(Lin Mei)

"Good, then I will help you get stronger but you will need to join my sect first."(Tian Chen)

"Your sect? Which sect could it be to be able to nurture someone like you? You shouldn't even be 20 yet right?"(Lin Mei)

"The Ancient Imperial Sect. Also, It is a brand new sect which has just been founded by me. But I promise I will make it the strongest there is in existence."(Tian Chen)

"Hmm? Is that so? But How can I believe that you can really make it happen? Such arrogant and domineering sect name yet if you do not possess enough strength, that will only bring you trouble you know?"(Lin Mei)

"Heh, we will know about that when the time comes. For now, all I can say is that if you join, I can train you to become stronger. Also, since you are already a stage 2 King level, you will become an elder because only Martial Practitioners can become disciples. So, do you want to join or not?"(Tian Chen)

Lin Mei was now a little hesitant while wondering about what to say but then she once again remembered about her current state and her need for power. So she thought that she needed to grab this chance in front of her as she felt that if she didn't then she would regret it for the rest of her life.

"*Sigh*, yes I want to join. Although you have already saved my life and I do not have anything to repay you and your kind intentions with, please help me."(Lin Mei)


{Congratulations Host for Recruiting an Elder with great potential for your sect}


{1000 Sect points gained}


{5000 bonus sect points gained for the Elder's potential}

Seeing this, he couldn't help but smile happily while saying...

"Of course, I will help you. Since I already asked you to join my sect. Besides if you enter my sect, then I can't allow you to be someone weak as we might encounter problem in the future if the others are weak and might get trampled upon when I am not around you know."(Tian Chen)

After saying that, he smiled even more happily. Although, she couldn't see his smile due to his half face mask which only revealed his eyes, nose and his forehead. He then stood up and walked towards the open space nearby as he continued...

"Don't worry, we will start training right away. As for the training method.... we will spar using spears during the day and cultivate during the night to digest our gains from the spar. It is to help you increase your battle prowess and help gain complete control over my power while mastering the spear style to perfection. Also, do not worry about my cultivation realm as I will spar with you using pure skill and no energy while you can go all out."(Tian Chen)

"Thank you, I will do my best!"

She said, as she too stood up and stretched her body a little before taking out her spear while walking towards Tian Chen with determination to take this spar seriously.

"Alright then, let's begin!"(Tian Chen)

He said as he made a calm battle ready stance as lightning flashed when his energy gathered in his right hand which, in an instant turned into a spear of purple which seemed rather mysterious. As she saw this, she gripped her spear tightly and attacked him with her spear to the best of her capability while rushing at him.


A while before they started talking -

'System, check her talent description on.'



Name = Lin Mei

Age = 18

Physic = Rank 9

Spiritual Talent = Rank 10

Soul Talent = Rank 9 Weapon Talent = Spear

Personality = Cold and Arrogant

Will = 10 Courage = 9


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