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As the Persuers saw this, They also slowed down and approched her slowly. The one leading them made hand sign and then the others immediately surrounded her. The one leading them spoke...

"HAHAHA, give up Lin Mei. There is no place left for you to run now. Just give up and come with us. Our young master wil never treat you badly." (Mob Leader)

"Hmph, NEVER!. I will never give in to you bastards no matter what happens. Be it dead or alive especially if its to marry that Damned Wolf. Don't think that just because you all were able to injure me that I am weak. And since I am here, my father will definitely try to look for me while trying to look for the reason and if he were to find out that it was the people from Bai Clan who ere behind all this, then he will surely be mad and rush to your clan while demanding answers. Heh then let's see how you all handle his wrath."(Young Lady)

"Hahaha, give up the futile resistance already. Besides our young master will never treat you that badly. Also you think we would be afraid of him? And you think that the whole Lin clan worries about you? Hmph, don't think that just because the patriarch of the Lin clan likes you than everyone else will also like you. Let me get this straight Lin Mei, to the Lin Clan you are just a mere tool of marriage to gain support especially with your beauty and martial talent. Hehehe."(Mob Leader)

" Y-you! How dare you spout nonsense!? How can that even be!! I will NOT give up and surender. I will fight you till death!!?"(Lin Mei)

And so, while her teeth after catch some of her breath, the young lady gripped her spear tightly and started battling them with all the little power she had left. And just after the battle started, in just a few moments became Intense as Lin Mei's injuries started getting worse and worse as the battle intensified.

Back to Tian Chen -

As soon as he came back to the forest, he heard some people coming his way with his super senses. He then thinking about why those 'people' were here and what to do next while increasing all his senses to the extreme and also focusing on them completely without letting them notice him.

He then, thanks to his sensitive hearing which increased allot due to him having his special super senses while also having reached Titled Saint realm, heard their conversations. From what he heard, he was able to determine what was actually going on and was having in deep thought on whether to interfere or not when he heard the system.


{NEW Special Mission issued : Rescue

Description = Rescue the Princess of the Lin Clan

Reward = Bloodline purification to the extreme}

``Hmm? A sudden quest on the situation? And What is that reward? Oh well, I will ask later after this is over.´´

Well, now he had a quest on this situation as well and he decided to do it but the main reason for his interference was due to what he heard, as he already had a bad impression of the group of people. He decided to help her while also wanting checking something he had been neglecting since the beginning. It was a bloodline skill of his which he never had the chance to use.

After making his decision, he used his will and summoned the Sky-wings that appeared on his back. They were purple in colour with some flashes of lightning all over them and were as long and thick as the wings of a dragon while also being as light as a feather.

They gave off a domineering feeling and a majestic aura. Without wasting a second, he flapped his wings and flew directly above the battle into a small group of clouds. He first thought of getting a bit of information about them as he could interfere at anytime with his current lightning speed. He just asked the system to analyse their information and show him their name, age, gender, cultivation and Description, since this was a basic feature of the System.



Name = Bai Zhi

Age = 44


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