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In the middle of the night of District 34, a restless boy was walking down the hallway while playing with his tiny hands. 'What am I gonna do now? Those idiots will surely kill me. District Call is happening now very soon.'

He was in a dire situation that involves his life. But no matter how hard he thinks, he can't come up with a solution to solve it.

As the boy was in his deep thought, he felt something hard on his feet. With the boy's curiosity, he looked below him and suddenly, his mouth fell wide open. "Ihhh!!"

The boy backed off in confusion. His hands were trembling. In front of him, a naked man was lying on the dirty ground. Besides him, there was a small girl with golden long hair.

"I-m sorry! I'm not paying attention! Please don't kill me!" The young boy pleaded while kneeling on the dirty ground. He closes his eyes in fear.

The young boy felt eternity has passed as he waits for the naked man's response. His knees were shaking and souring.

He gulped his saliva and open up his eyes. He saw that the two did not move even an inch. "Are they dead?" The young boy's expression became grim.

Then, the young boy noticed a slight movement coming from the hands of the naked man.

A few seconds later, the naked man opened up his eyes. He stretched out his hands like reaching the heavens and asked, "Where am I?"

The young boy was startled. He stood up and hurriedly replied, "this is - this is District 34."

The naked man was shocked as he heard a young voice on his side. He turned his head and there he saw a young boy with a black wavy hair. His clothes were tattered and full of dirt.

"Who are you?" The naked man asked in confusion.

The young boy felt his hands sweating as the naked man looked at him seriously. He bowed his head and answered, "My name is Winston."

Looking at Winston, the naked man smiled. He notices his trembling feet and smiled, "I see. Nice meeting you, Winston. Don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you."

Hearing the naked man's words, Winston sighted in relief. He thought he will kill him.

"Thank you so much!" Winston bowed and thanked the naked man again.

"If you don't mind, can you help me?"

"Yes, no problem!" Winston hurriedly ran and helped the naked man lying on the dirty ground.

"Thank you, Winston. You save me there." The naked man patted Winston's head with a smile on his face.

Steadily, the naked man was able stood up with the help of Winston.

"Are you okay?" Winston asked while looking at the naked man. Winston was concerned that the man will catch a cold. Sadly, he doesn't have any spare clothes to give him at the moment.

The naked man stretched out his body. He jumped and do squats. Then he said, "I feel sluggish. Besides that, I'm totally fine."

"I'm glad you're okay," Winston replied with a smile on his face. Then he pointed his finger behind the naked man and asked, "Your daughter? I think she needs help."

'Daughter?' The naked man was a little bit surprised. He turned his head to where Winston pointed and saw a naked girl lying on the ground.

The naked man froze like a statue as he tried figuring out what happened. 'Who is that? Wait... it looks familiar... What!'

The naked man's eyes contracted as he stared at the young girl. 'Kyou?!'

There was no other explanation, she resembled everything about her. Her face, hair, and everything except for her small build.

The naked man approached the young girl and lifted her. He looked at her face and noticed her struggling expression. He felt his hands where burning. 'She's barely holding on.'

He turned around and asked Winston, "Is there a place where we can stay?"

Looking at the worried face of the naked man, Winston immediately said, "Don't worry I know a place."

Winston turned around and walked, "Please follow me."

"Thank you, I owe you a lot." The naked man put the young girl on his back and followed Winston.

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