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"We're here!" Winston turned and faced Caleb as he pointed his finger behind him.

They traveled for around thirty minutes and finally arrived at their destination.

What's behind Winston, was a shabby run-down house. Scraps of wood almost occupied the wall and roof. It was good enough that it still standing strong even with these materials. "This is where I live. I'm sorry if it looks miserable. Hopefully, it can last long."

Winston explained with a dejected face. Originally, his house was totally broken before he moves in. With no other choice, Winston collected woods in different places and painstakingly built it alone.

Caleb waved out his hand, undisturbed by it. He walked in front of Winston and patted his shoulder, "It's a wonderful house. I can't believe that you build this with your own hands."

Winston was shocked to hear the man's words. He thought he would get disappointed. "Thank you, Mister. Please come in." Winston opened the half-destroyed plank door with joy in his heart.

Winston went on the corner of the house and looked at the pile of trash on the ground. He found a wooden board and place it on the ground.

"Thank you." Caleb smiled and carefully put down Kyou on the wooden board prepared by Winston.

"Excuse me, Mister. I'll go outside for a moment. And also, please don't go outside." Winston said with a serious face.

"Alright." Caleb nodded. He suddenly put his hand on Winston's head and smiled, "Also, don't call me mister. My name is Caleb, and she's Kyou. You can call me Brother Caleb if you want."

Winston was surprised. He nodded and said full of smile, "Thank you, Brother Caleb! I'm going now."

Winston then grabs a medium-size wooden pale and rushed outside his house.

'What a kind-hearted kid.' Caleb stated while looking at Winston's back.

He approached the unconscious Kyou and said, "So what am I gonna do now?"

Suddenly, a terrible pain pierced Caleb's chest. 'What the hell is happening?'

Caleb clutch his chest and sweating strenuously.


Caleb's eyes contracted as he heard a very familiar sound! It was the notification alert of Tarros!

Then with a little energy left, he fainted and collapsed on the ground without knowing the notification all about.


Winston came back into the house after an hour. He was tightly holding the wooden pale filled with hot water.

What appeared before him was Caleb lying on the ground. He silently went in his side and stared at him, 'He's sleeping. I need to do this quietly.'

Winston carefully puts the wooden pale beside Kyou. He lit the candle that slightly brightened the whole house and place it beside him. He grabs a brown towel and soaked it with hot water. He calmed himself down and gently rubbed the brown towel to Kyou's body.

A few minutes later, Winston dropped on the ground while wiping off his sweaty forehead.

Then, Winston lately noticed that Caleb was looking at him. Winston start

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