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While the battle was taking place between the two Transcended Demons.

Caleb who was lying on the bed felt the intensity of the magical fluctuations inside the room. A loud explosion woke him up from his deepest despair.

Caleb opened up his eyes for a very long time. Suddenly, there was a menacing magical aura that envelope the entire area. It scattered like a locust to the point that Caleb's breathing was getting heavier. Then, the magical aura was even intensified with another magical aura. This time, it was a grim and menacing magical aura that even suffocates Caleb.

"What the hell is happening?" Caleb's expression was gloomy as he breath faster.

Then, the chains around him violently shook. The chains were having problems reflecting all the magical aura. As if it was affected by it.

Slowly, the chain's power lost its effects. Unable to suppress the magical aura, the chain snapped and disintegrate gently.

Suddenly, as the chain power disappeared, Caleb felt energy began to run through his body. Caleb's strength began to return and Caleb felt that his body was so light.

"Ahhh! Ahh!!" Caleb inhaled deeply as he tried to calm himself.

"I'm free?" Caleb looked at his trembling hands in disbelief.

"How long did I suffer in this place?" Then, Caleb's body trembled. He clenched his fist and slowly said, "I'm free..."

Caleb walked out from his bed and stood up. The feeling of not touching the floor for a very long time makes Caleb emotional.

"Let's see what's happening around here." Caleb looked in front of him and saw unfamiliar figures.

"Are those Transcended Demons?" Caleb was momentarily shocked. Transcended Demons were universal bosses that can only be found on the game called Tarros. Tarros was a VRMMORPG game that surpassed everything.

'Why are they here? Am I inside the game?'

Caleb's initial findings shocked him but he immediately dismissed it, 'No, that is impossible. The pain I experienced here where all real. That kind of pain was impossible in the current Tarros technology.'

While Caleb was troubled to figure out what's happening, Caleb snapped out of his daze as he saw a familiar figure hovering in the air.

'You!!' Caleb's felt a sudden rage burning inside of him. Memories of being tortured endlessly flashed through his mind. It was the worst nightmare for him.

What Caleb want right now was to take revenge. As he steps forward, Caleb saw one of the Transcended Demons doing something. Then, the Transcended Demon released a terrifying aura.

'A fourfold casting?!!' Caleb's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he saw the Transcended Demon cast a spell. 'Fourfold casting was a heaven-defying technique!'

Caleb's knowledge about magic was top-notch and fourfold casting was something he knew. Only a few players knew this technique and it beyond the player reach. Up to his current knowledge, no one in the entire game knew how to used this kind of technique. This event's caused a huge shock on Caleb.

This aura reached Caleb like an angry gust of wind. 'What a strong aura!' Caleb was shocked as he guards his face with his trembling hands.

Then another shocking thing happened. Caleb's wild instinct sense another aura, this aura was mystical and yet full of killing intent. He peeked his eyes and saw millions of swords formed in the air. Then a gigantic winged woman holding a staff appeared.

'That woman? She can also invoke fourfold-casting!!?'

This series of events makes Caleb rendered speechless. 'Crap! I nearly killed my self there!'

Caleb nearly causes his own diminish if he followed his heart desire for revenge.

'These things are all inside the game, there's no way these can happen in real life. This place is only a game. A set of binary data.' Caleb tried to encourage himself. He was sweating profusely. What he experienced here was an entirely different level.

Then Caleb decided to wait for now. Caleb step back and h

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