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'Is this the end for me?' Kyou closes her eyes in defeat. Better than anyone else, she knew the power of Chain of Despair. It was a sure trap skill. Once caught, death is inevitable.

Kyou lost her will to fight as she waits on Holden's Sword of Execution arrival. Kyou also knew Holden more than anyone else. She knew most of his skills, habits, techniques and sometimes even the way he thinks. Sword of Execution was Holden's powerful sword skills. He invented it solely to kill his prey.

Kyou watched the skill thousands of times since they were young. Sometimes Kyou guided Holden on how to improve and perfect it. Little did she knew that this special kill would be the one that would end her life.

Kyou felt a thousand years had passed. But Kyou felt nothing. 'Am I dead?' Kyou stuffed. As if nothing happened, there was a sudden silence in the area.

Uncertain, Kyou opened up her eyes.


What appeared before her very eyes made her mouth wide opened. Holden's special skill Sword of Execution stopped half an inches away from her face. 'What the hell happened?' Kyou was bewildered and asked herself.

'A high-level restriction skill?' Kyou looked at Holden and found out that he was not moving.

Suddenly, "Get out the way now! I can't hold any longer!" Kyou who lose in daze heard a very familiar voiced. She turned her eyes on the direction of the voice and immediately shouted, "You?! Why are you here?"

"There's no time to explain! Get out of there now!" The familiar voice hurriedly replied.

'That...Just a bit more.. now!' Kyou counted in her mind.

The Chain of Despair effect lasted three seconds. Thou it feels like three seconds was too short but in the hands of Holden? That was more than enough to turn her to dust a hundredfold.

"Time Warp!" Kyou jumped backward and then waved her staff as she timed it perfectly when the Chain of Despair effect ends. Her figure flashes and vanished in thin air. Then she appeared behind the familiar voice.

"You save me there Fye!" Kyou joyously said while her face full of sweat. 'That was close!' Her beautiful hair turned to mess.

In front of her, there was a woman who exactly looked like her. The only difference was the color of her hair. Fye's hair was colored dark red.

"Arhhhgg! I can't hold anymore!" Then, Fye grimaced in pain as she dropped kneeling on the floor. Fye used up so much mana restricting Holden's movement. This created a huge drawback on her body, especially her mind.

After Fye used her skill, the unmovable Holden regained his senses. Suddenly, an extensive blast reverberated out and a torrential wave of wind gushed out.


Fye and Kyou covered themselves with their beautiful wings sturdier than legendary dragons scales.

Thousands of flashes of light illuminated the entire area. As if the sun directly descended inside the room. The Chamber of Torment then turned into chaos.

Soon, the aftereffect subdued. Frustrated voiced sounded out behind the smokes, "Geez. Your annoying me." Holden clicked his tongue. He turned around and stared at Kyou and Fye in disdain. "Additional help will not change the fact that I will kill him. This is the last warning... Back off!! This is none of your concern!"

The two beautiful women looked at each other ignoring Holden's provocation and warning.

"We need to get Caleb out of here." Fye seriously said.

"That was easier said than done. Holden will surely do it no matter what. You know him."

"Your right." Fye agreed on Kyou. "Holden's mind is conquered by his grudge. The last thing we can do is divert his attention."

"What is your plan then? Sister is not here. With our combined efforts, I don't think that's enough to defeat him."

"Don't worry, I can do that. There's no way we can defeat him, but we can stop him." Fye resolutely said. Her eyes brimming with confidence.

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