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Kyou's face was turned ashen white as she lately saw Fye's actions.

"Are you out of your mind!!! Get out of there now!!!" Every word that comes out of Kyou's mouth was full of regret. Tears continuously flowed in her eyes. The spell was already fired. There's no way she can cancel it. Though she wants to save Fye, her body was nearly reaching its limit due to the spell she released.

Kyou turned her eyes away from Fye. She bit her lips as she can't do anything to save her. Kyou felt that she was too weak. She condemned herself for not practicing her skills. Unknowingly tears flowed down on her reddish cheeks.

Bloody magic circles formed below Holden and Fye. Then blood flowed and it formed like a droplet. These droplets drop of blood entered through Holden and Fye's body.

It was the emergence of Kyou's Diabolic Malice that invoked thousands of forbidden curses.

Holden and Fye suddenly felt a tremendous pain from their chest and they suddenly splurted out a mouthful of blood. Different kinds of curses continuously affecting their minds and body. It was a complete massacre. Some of these were weakening their senses and reducing their pain tolerance. Even a speck of dust can make them scream in pain.

Then, like an executioner, the millions of swords flew with a speed of light targeting Holden who was weakened by thousands of forbidden curses. These were magical swords embedded with Kyou's magic.

Holden struggled to break free from Fye, but Fye tightly embraced Holden with everything she had.

She already cast Diabolic Nature and Nature's blessing on herself to increase her overall strength and immunity.


*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Explosions resonated as these millions of swords hit Holden and also Fye.


Screams sounded. Millions of swords penetrated Holden's body. Fye was also hit by the incoming swords. Blood spurted out from her mouth as three swords penetrated her chest. 'Just a little bit more.' Fye struggled as she barely holding on.

Flashes of Kyou's face full of smile entered her brain. Kyou's smile was beautiful. Fye felt warmth every time she looks at Kyou's beautiful face. Then, Fye felt a strong sensation within her body. The pain was gone, she smiled and tightly hold Holden's body and muttered, 'Thank you... sister.'

Then, the gigantic winged woman followed charged. The winged woman eye's released a deathly glare at Holden. It was a declaration that she will flatten him to the floor. She raised her staff and swung it.


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A loud noise erupted in the entire area.

The winged woman raised her staff and swung it again. She repeatedly bombarded Holden with a powerful swing! Every attacked was powerful than the other.

Holden and Fye were flattened to the floor. Holden gritted his teeth in pain.

'You! How dare you do this to me!!!' He can't escape. What only awaits him was death. Holden began to sweat excessively. He regretted his action's coming here.

*Boom!* *Boom!*

Loud noises erupted one after another. It was like a thousand raging volcanoes erupted at the same time. The entire Chamber of Torment shooked violently.

Lastly, the winged woman raised her staff and threw it away. She wickedly revealed her teeth and dashed towards Holden. Then the winged woman grabs Holden's head and laughed. Seconds later, a blinding light illuminated the entire area. What followed was another explosion that was even louder than the previous one.

It was a complete massacre. A mushroom-like smoke rose into the air that almost covered the entire area.


Up above the air, Kyou opened up her eyes with a saddened face. Tears rolled down on her face. She felt a painful sensation in her heart.

'Fye...' Kyou's vision was blurred by her tears. She clearly remembered that when she was only a hopeles

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