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Suddenly, the temperature inside the room blew up and a blazing infernal flame suddenly emerged beneath her, engulfing her entire body.

Even with the flame surrounding her, it appears it does not affect her. Kyou lowered her staff and suddenly, her staff absorbed the blazing flame. This event makes her staff glowed like a sun that emits destructive flares.

Her elegant gown fluttered and her eyes were full of viciousness. She was like a goddess of death and she's going to unleash all her power.

"Take this!" Kyou started by unleashing one of her destructive spells that can obliterate everything. Her staff released a gigantic ball of fire and it aimed directly at Holden.

Standing on the floor, Holden looked and stared at the incoming burning ball of fire with a perplexed look.

"It seems you made up your mind," Holden chuckled. "This kind of power is nothing to me!"

As he was getting ready to dodge the incoming spell, Holden felt that something was off. He looked below him found out that there was a thin fiber holding both of his feet.

"....." Holden stared at Fye far away with a serious face.

"Don't ever think that you can restrain me with this kind of trick." Holden sneered. This was a small matter to him.

"Diabolic Fervor!" Then, Holden released a demonic aura. It was a skill that greatly increase his overall strength to the limit. A sudden menacing dark aura appeared and enveloped his entire body.

The thin fiber holding his feet snapped unable to contain Holden's tremendous strength.

Holden instantly unsheathed his sword from his back and swung it diagonally. Then, Holden blinks his eyes and returned his sword to his back.

The way he executed it was beyond perfections. It was fast, clear, precise and full of power.

Suddenly, the ball of fire in front of him splits in half and dissolved like it never exists. Holden easily destroyed Kyou's dangerous spell like it was nothing to him. Holden was not just strong, he was too strong.

Even after all of these, Fye remained calm and undisturbed.

"Of course. That's why we will do what we can do." Fye laughed, they knew this will happened. It was all within their plan. They knew Holden will not fall on this simple tricks, that's why they used something real. That was to used Infernal Meteor Hell as a decoy.

Fye looked up in the air and muttered, 'It's up to you now, dear sister.' A figure of like a goddess was seen floating above.

Knowing Holden's action, Kyou was already floating in the air and recited the last sentence of her mantra spells. Different kinds of gigantic magic circles appeared above her. These magic circles contain tremendous amounts of magical power.

You can easily guess the power of spells by looking at the magic circles. Above Kyou, magic circles that have a diameter of two miles are radiating majestic lights.

"Diabolic Malediction! Diabolic Malice! Infernal Strike! Wrath of Babel!" It was the ancient fourfold

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