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'H-huh? Where am I??' I saw myself in a cozy room

‹‹ Welcome, host. ›› A robotic childlike voice said

'Huh? Who are you? Wait ..I died right?'

‹‹ Affirmative.››

'Then ..why-?'

‹‹ The higher ups have given you a chance to reincarnate and travel to different worlds. If you succeed you can choose to go back to any of the world you explored in. ››

' I see...so where am I right now?'

‹‹ You're in the white space . Where you will be before and after you enter a world .››

'I see..'

‹‹ So host, do you accept ? ››

'What happens if I don't ?'

‹‹ You'll truly be dead and reincarnate but with no memories.››

Who wants that? The world can't get rid of me easily.

'Then I accept !'

‹‹ Processing... 18%...64%....100%.. Process Completed .Pleasure to work with you host . Do you want to enter the world now? ››


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