Devonnnn Black Bellied Series: The Prodigy Su Li Zing
I was reborn in 2 lifetimes, my first life was a tragic end. I was born in a very prestigious family, The Family of Red Dukedom. My family was a prominent people – where generals and knights were born. Me, I’m a princess in these family with a na?ve and hot tempered personality. All of the things I want, will come through my hands without any effort but the prince’s heart was the only thing I can...
LinPoe Playgrounds
After MC dies, he gets to travel to other worlds but he doesn't any wishes, power, or help. Watch or in this case read as he tries to stands at the top of the food chain while trying to get girls.
dff123 Dual Cultivation Sect
After being trapped by an older man, a young 16 year old cultivator is forced to become his student in the dual cultivation method. Now on the hunt for cultivators of the opposite sex, Feng is now on a path to build his Dual Cultivation Sect!
Chainslock Searching for Andromeda
Ephraim, or as called by his colleagues, Raim, is an archeologist. Upon his commencement, he was stationed with a task force consisting of a researcher, a biologist, a doctor, and a former sergeant-in-arms; their team entrusted with a duty to examine the desolated forensics lab at an abandoned former space station: ANDROMEDA. As a man of science, he knew what his weakness was: curiosity....

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